The Powerscourt Friday Fix

All Trussed Up

October 07, 2022 The Powerscourt Friday Fix Season 2 Episode 3
The Powerscourt Friday Fix
All Trussed Up
Show Notes

This week’s political events have been somewhat tumultuous. Hearing from Larry Elliott (Economics Editor of The Guardian), Mehreen Khan (Economics Editor of The Times) and Rebecca Park (Senior Practice Director at Global Counsel) on the subject from the Powerscourt Webinar ‘All Trussed Up’. 
The expert panel answer the questions we are all asking: 

  • Is Liz Truss’s government a lame duck? 
  • Will we see it make good on any of the big proposals its leader-in-waiting promised over the summer? And 
  • Can Kwasi Kwarteng deliver the supply side changes promised to get the UK’s economy growing again? 

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